"Structural Steel Fabrication & Architectural Steel Structure Manufacturing"
"Celik Konstruksiyon Imalati & Mimari Tasarim Dekoratif Demir Metal Isleme"
"Services worldwide, construction industry, infra steel structure project industrial, commercial, residential"



SteelCon Group LLC, is a NY based company that has successfully completed a wide range of high quality structural steel projects. We are proudly serving Tristate area and worldwide Including Turkey, Europe and the Africa. Asia Middle East Gulf Country with Top Quality Structural Steel fabrication. SteelCon, specializes in Structural Steel Fabrication, Architectural Decorative Steel, and Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication.

Our facility is located in East Coast, USA, and as well as in TURKEY, we are ideally suited to handle any Structural steel project fabrication and installation, anywhere on the world. SteelCon has extremely modern facility and detailing facilities on the plant, with over (60,000 sq. ft.) in house working capacity. The workshops offer an overhead lift capacity up to dual 30 tons.

Extreme Heavy fabrications from structural girders through Columns, Trusses, open web steel joists, from bridges to skyscrapers all fabrications in carbon steels, ASTM A992, ASTM A572, and ASTM A36. Production capacity at maximum level at 19 hours, double shift a day and six days a week. Bridgeworks, Roadway structures, Tower fabrications. Bowstring truss, beams and build up plate girders are designed and detailed in house. Fabricated lengths of up to 80ft can be accommodated within the workshops.

We do have the latest in technology, with high end professionals operating our robotics and high profile CNC equipment’s. Our operations are systematic and thorough, as well as adaptive and flexible; we are able to accommodate anything that you may need.

SteelCon’s full time skilled professionals coordinate, manage, and inspect your work to make sure its 100% completed before it get shipped out from SteelCons Facility. Your fabrication here at SteelCon, meets the most stringent of quality control standards.

For impeccable, professional customer satisfaction, choose Steelcon Group LLC skilled team for precise fabrication and timely delivery to your site. Transportation overseas to international clients, worldwide. Steelcon Group LLC, Structural Steel fabrications with time, a progressive of structural steel manufacturers worldwide, and are known throughout the metro New Jersey / New York City area, as well as the entire Northeast region, and beyond. Our stellar reputation precedes us, thanks to our many years of dedicated hard work aimed at advancing the techniques and processes used in all.


  • Turkish Structural Steel Fabrication
  • International Structural Steel Builder’s
  • North East Structural Steel Construction
  • USA Structural Steel Bridge Fabrication
  • International Structural Steel Mega Structure
  • American Structural Steel Fabrication
  • World Structural Steel Stadium Fabrication
  • International Structural Steel Sport Complex Fabrication


Our professional services aim at the following objectives:

  • Project Feasibility, Studies, Surveys
  • Project Planning, Engineering, Architecture
  • Drafting, Designing, CAD Format, 3D Modeling
  • Structural Steel Q/C Quality Control Inspection
  • AWS or required State Welding inspection
  • Consultation, Expertise
  • Estimating, Sales

Steelcon Group LLC Provides structural steel fabrication, as well as, Architectural wrought iron ornamental decorative work of the finest quality. We provide professional service,Our team members benefit from a rich and varied background of experience in the construction industry.

We constantly coordinate with our clients all-away to the last step of the fabrication, from first considering ideas and plans and initial design and consultation to fabrication to your precise specification and on, site problem solving and guidance. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible, as well as a product that we can be proud of.

Our professional licensed architects and engineers will help you bring your plans from dreams to reality; their official seal on your plans means that everything is 100% legitimate. At our client’s request, we can also provide a copy of the seal, or stamp, for our licensed professional architects and engineers. USA registered

  • Engineering project management can generate any complex structural steel project design and fabrication worldwide.
  • We will follow your specifications and drawings, and can draft the CAD drawings noting all structural details of your project idea.
  • All of our structural steel product is thoroughly inspected. Our quality control engineers are tasked with maintaining the highest standards in every product that leaves our facility. Material mill reports, as well as inspection reports pertaining to our site are also available.
  • We provide our clients, as well as any officiating agency dealing with standards requesting such, periodic inspection reports. Each and every project undertaken by Steelcon Group LLC, Structural Steel is continuously checked from beginning to end for quality control, and results are noted as the law requires. These inspection reports are retained in our administrative files, providing future inquiries full documentation of all our work.
  • We represent the best in the industry: expert consultants, professional project management, quality workmanship, on-time delivery.
  • We assist clients in generating realistic estimates for all types of structural steel projects, including all aspects of manufacturing and fabrication. Please contact our chief estimator with your contract, drawings, specifications, and any other custom requests, and we will promptly return you a figure regarding project cost, including detailed analysis.

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