"Structural Steel Fabrication & Architectural Steel Structure Manufacturing"
"Celik Konstruksiyon Imalati & Mimari Tasarim Dekoratif Demir Metal Isleme"
"Services worldwide, construction industry, infra steel structure project industrial, commercial, residential"

About Us

SteelCon Group LLC, is a NY based company that has successfully completed a wide range of high quality structural steel projects. we are proudly serving Tristate area and worldwide Including Turkey, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Gulf, and with Top Quality Structural Steel fabrication. SteelCon specializes in Structural Steel Fabrication, Architectural Decorative Steel, and Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication.

In international Structural Steel Fabrication SteelCon, provides the latest in cutting edge computerized robotic technology. Our full range of services employ the latest in new technology with modern Facility and machinery including semi-automatic Drill Lines, High profile CNC operated Machines including, Band saw, Cambering, Angle Master and Plate Line. Additionally, we have a Bentley/Tekla 3D modeling and surveying system to assist with enigmatic fabrications and inspection.

In terms of Inventory Machinery’s and Equipment, as well as our team of trained professionals. We can handle all aspects of your project, from start up operation, processing and bidding, all the way to final completion.

Our professional services include designing, drafting, and engineering, as well as processing, fabricating, and managing the project at an international Structural Steel manufacturing scale, we have multi generation’s’ ally experience in the worldwide Structural Steel industry. Our time tested system has been handling projects large and bigger, from bid to completion, for decades, there is no substitute for experience and technology, as well as the expertise gained by decades of experience, SteelCon, offers clients service that is unparalleled. SteelCon’s work specifications follow as:

General Capabilities:
Structural Steel Fabrication
Super Structural Structures fabrication
Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication
Architectural steel structure fabrication
Ornamental structural steel fabrication

Work Technique:
CNC Profile Equipment
Peddinghaus Sawing
Peddinghaus Drill Line
Peddinghaus Angle Master
Peddinghaus Punching
Peddinghaus Plate Line
Peddinghaus Cambering
Voortman Plasma Cutting
Voortman Coping

Mig. Tig. Arc. Submerged

Protective Coatings:

We challenge ourselves to meet all our clients' needs. Whether a client is located in the USA, TURKEY or anywhere else worldwide, all can expect the same level of professionalism, competent service. We take all clients and projects seriously, from small jobs to large scale projects.

International structural steel manufacturing in SteelCon Group LLC, we understand that construction specifications differ worldwide from country to country, and we carefully manufacture our structural steel products to accepted standard legal specifications. All of our work conforms to ASTM (The American Society for Testing Materials), and the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) and (NISD) National Institute of Steel Construction helps to ensure the quality of products with a highly developed quality control program, which established standards and excellence.

Referrals from past work projects are available upon request; the fact that we remain in close contact with most of our clients, often garnering repeat contracts, is yet further proof of the quality of our work. Information about our professional team members is also available, as our staff is fully qualified and certified to work.

Trust your project to International Structural Steel Fabrication's sharp minded Professionals, skilled workers, and support staff for your future structural design project. We are always happy to provide excellent workmanship, skilled management, and a quality product surpassed by none

For product inquiries, please call us or send an email,

We welcome visitors, and we will gladly take you on a tour of our entire facility. You will witness our operations, and have the opportunity watch as our staff bring a project from start to completion see our finished products ready to be shipped out to the work site.

Our years of consulting experience and professional expertise can bring your project to life; we will work with you in bringing your concept from blueprint to reality. Our goal as an experienced team is to continue our dedicated work, helping to make the seemingly impossible a real and distinct possibility. We love challenges, and are outfitted to meet any projects demands.

International Structural Steel structure manufacturing has the ability to build high rise structural steel buildings, bridges, railroads, stadiums, airport terminal complex, towers, super structural prefab, frame structures, as well as any other steel products you might require. 

Turkish, American structural steel manufacturing has developed strong working relationships with our clients. We plan to offer new opportunities by offering customer improvements, as we have vertically integrated our business to support new technologies and methods.

International Structural Steel Fabrication has a management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, administrative skills, as well as a unique real world perspective that only comes with experience. The company has a management team of individuals with a broad background in the Structural Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing.

SteelCon Group LLC, International Structural Steel Fabrications is proud to serve clients in the United States, Turkey, and Worldwide. We utilize the latest in technology from around the globe, and lend our extensive expertise to our clients, projects. Our Customer Service is unsurpassed coupled with a long-standing dedication to providing outstanding work, and a tradition of excellence significant experience in marketing management analysis.

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